Ever have one of those friends that you just seem to cross paths with at all of the best moments in your life?

Growing up together in Cincinnati, Ohio, we always made each other laugh, and always liked the same things. After college, our paths crossed in San Francisco where Allison was making the transition from finance to fashion as she blazed her career trail at the Gap. Liza continued a successful career in online marketing with in San Fran and then was transferred back to New York to work at Hearst. Allison arrived in New York soon thereafter and honed her talents at Brooks Brothers and then Michael Kors and then Lilly Pulitzer! Liza moved on to Sony Online Networks and then onto a successful freelancing career including working with one of our amazing product partners, Diane Elson Bankoff, dear friend of both ours and founder of elson + company rugs.

Then we both got married. And we both got married in the Bahamas! To guys that are totally great, and totally tolerate our obsession with all things interior design. And as we took a few years off to have our children, settled down in smaller towns, we made sure our paths crossed as much as we could. One summer a few years ago, sitting on a beach in Cape Cod, as our children splashed in the surf, we compared notes on what we wanted to do next. And whaddaya know? Our paths crossed again.

So Trellis Home was born. Born from love of a beautiful, colorful and happy home. We still make each other laugh, and we still like all the same things. And we hope that you will, too. We want to bring some fun, inspiration, color and joy into your life….and hope Trellis Home will make you smile.

Allison + Liza

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